Real Estate Management & Development


We measure, manage, and multiply the value of our real estate holdings and the real estate surrounding us.  We increase the value of real estate by not only our unique skill sets in construction and building value, but by bringing more attention and desire to our area by hosting unique events and creating unique valuable content.   

we call this real estate stewardship



How did we become stewards of real estate?

I grew up in the Pepperell Mill Village. This place was my entire world. All of the men and women in my family worked there. My Momma, Daddy, Mawmaw, Pawpaw, Cousins, Uncles, EVERYONE! I played outside all day until the sun went down. We had forts all over the village, played neighbor hood hide and seek, played softball, roller skated, played hop scotch. It really was perfect. I never knew that we were just the working class people and that there were other families with other experiences happening just over the bridge.


I remember specifically coming into downtown

Opelika only to get special occasion dresses for Easter. I was always mesmerized of this other world. However, as the years went by,, the town had been forgotten. It was left behind. This really did not impact me personally until my husband and I bought a home in the downtown to raise our new family. So when we received this gem into our lives, it was a sad and lonely structure. But it was ours.


I would walk with our oldest son, Nelson,

him in his stroller, to come celebrate the train. His attention completely there, mine on this place I was standing and feeling like it could not be real. Where was that vibrant place I remembered as a child. Why couldn't my child have that same experience. How can I just keep walking by and behave as if it is not there, as if it does not matter?

And so began our journey. One house turned into ten. Ten businesses turned into twenty. And it continues on. Everything that we have done and are continuing to do originates in taught strings pulling on our hearts. It is a shouting and never quieting voice that says to push more, go harder, give it all. Our greatest question is how far can we go?

Latest Project: Revitalizing Auburn Street