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How Opelika became Alabama’s gold standard for small-town downtown revitalization

Yellowhammer News
“Fuller [Opelika’s Mayor] credits local developer John Marsh the Irish Bred Pub’s interior and many of the other revitalized elements in Opelika.Marsh, who Fuller describes as a “young entrepreneur,” is the owner of J Marsh Enterprises, Inc., a company that is in the business of—as Marsh would say—redemptifying historic spaces.”
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How Generosity Breeds Unexpected Joy in Business

Denver Institute for Faith & Work
John and Ashley Marsh are entrepreneurs in the construction, real estate and hospitality industries who have been key in rebuilding the small town of Opelika, Alabama through renovation projects and their business.
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Pressed by a vision

Washington Institute
How can I search for beauty and truth unless that beauty and truth are already known to me in the depth of my heart?” So wrote Henri Nouwen on the profound ways that the most personal and the most public are woven together, inextricably and integrally connected for all of us, sons of Adam and daughters of Eve that we are. Read Full Article Here

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Saving downtown one day at a time

How do you revitalize a dying downtown? Maybe it’s the same way you save a dying marriage—one day at a time.
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A Personal Investment

Business Alabama
“I told my wife that I was going to buy the whole downtown, ” recalls Marsh, who now owns 18 downtown buildings and says property values downtown have doubled since his initial purchase. “I’m my own worst enemy. I want to buy more properties, but I keep driving the value up.”
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Seeking the Welfare of the (Small) City

Break Point
The result of that intentional, focused effort over the past decade or more is now becoming 
the talk of Alabama and the nation. Restaurants have returned to the downtown area, including a brewery and boutique distillery. Families are restoring old homes. Retail is slowly returning. Read Full Article Here


Articles Published by the Marsh Collective Team


The Resurrection of Place

Washington Institute - John Marsh

Places, like people, can die. Cities die because of purposelessness, but they grow through love and hope. The practice of resurrecting life in a city starts in the heart of God’s people, having a hope for its future. I have experienced the call to a place—a “there that is woven into every fiber of my being.” My heart is bound to Opelika, Alabama, a small town that grew up as a result of the railroad. Read Full Article Here


How I hope in the power of God to restore people and places

Denver Institute for Faith and Work - John Marsh
I restore because the master restorer has restored me. I choose the work of restoration as a very personal and passionate physical representation of the glory of God. The work of restoring historic buildings and developing businesses within them is fulfilling. Properties and places, like people, are restored by love and dignifying work—work grounded in joy, hope, and forgiveness. Read Full Article Here


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