We Believe

That there is absolute beauty in broken things. That we don’t grow tired of hard work, but of meaningless work. That everything, from broken business, broken buildings, broken cities, to broken relationships, can be redeemed. That there is freedom in accepting/embracing imperfection. That a long day’s work doing something meaningful isn’t quite so long after all. That work and home should co-exist happily & thrive alongside each other. That family matters more than anything else. That hospitality is at the core of everything we do. That some of life’s most sacred moments happen around a table with good food and good company. That abundance outweighs scarcity. That we were put on this earth to co-create with God, to do good and to do well. That nothing is beyond repair.

That this redemptification is the way we leave our mark on the world.

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We are a collective of entrepreneurs who empower businesses and leaders to make an impact in their companies and communities, and reach their goals through our redemptive vision consulting.  We believe in creating Emotional Architecture, where stories are considered before structures, where people are aligned with profits. Lastly, we love what we do- and that’s the most important thing.

To us, it matters

To us, it matters because the extravagant love we have received brings about a longing and requirement to make a positive difference wherever we find ourselves planted. We know that we can help bring about human flourishing by adding value to people and places that are considered of little or no value because of their brokenness.