Never underestimate the power of your own vision to change the world.

Private Custom Workshop - Vision Intensive -24 Hours to change your city for the next 50 years

This day-and-a-half “deep-dive” provides leaders & teams (up to 6 team members) with the opportunity to truly stop, assess their current reality of their city, understand their opportunities and obstacles, and develop a clear vision (must be defined like Brandscript of story brand) of their preferred future for the next steps of transforming their community.

The 24 hours Vision Intensive takes time to mine out the challenges, opportunities and alignment of the needed team; this will help the leaders & team to be equipped to take next steps in launching the community's Vision of its preferred future. We also take time to evaluate the various positions on the team and what gifts are needed to fulfill the needed MVT Minimum Viable Team. Each Vision Intensive generates a Vision Plan which clarifies expressed goals in relation to your community and organization. Every Intensive entails two follow up Zoom calls to cement their learning. Investment $15,000

Half Day Experience

“Come and see” Opelika and spend an exciting half day experiencing the spaces and places that have made Opelika the gold standard in renovated small towns. You will hear the stories and have a chance to discuss the lessons our team has learned over 25 years as catalytic developers in Opelika and many other small towns across the country. You will also have the option for a 45 minute training session to discover where the best possibilities for change are with our Community Opportunity Anaylasis.

*Price of the half day introduction experience is discounted from the Full day and breakfast experience. Investment: $650 person ($550 for 2 -4/ special group pricing for 5 or more)/ limited availability)

Full Day Experience with Overnight Stay

The full day experience includes the “Come and see” half day plus 3 hours of training on the methodology to build redemptive real estate developments and curate irreplaceable real estate.

Investment of $975 person ($870 for 2 -4/ special group pricing for 5 or more)/ limited availability)

Private Coaching Sessions

A private session where quality mentoring relationships are developed. Perhaps the most obvious benefit of finding a business mentor is that you can learn from their previous mistakes and successes. You're maximizing your opportunities to leverage key relationships. Limited availability.

*Pricing available upon request. Please fill out our form below to set up an intro call with us!

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